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Bang Saen Beach – Beaches Near Bangkok

Bang Saen Beach - Beaches Near Bangkok

Bang Saen Beach lies only 85 kilometers south of Bangkok, making it the perfect week-end get-away during your stay at Centre Point Thong Lo. Unlike some of the other beaches around the city, Bang Saen tends more on the side of relaxation and a chance to enjoy nature at its best.

What to Do at Bang Saen Beach

The atmosphere at Bang Saen is laid back and easy going, and the beach is the perfect place to just lie in the pale golden sand, working on your suntan, or take a quiet stroll along the beach promenade listening to the waves. Plenty of palm trees provide shade in the hot afternoon sun, and there’s always local eateries to stop into and small massage huts for some pampering. The evening sunsets over the waves should not be missed for anything!

Bang Saen Beach is one of the more family-friendly beaches in the area. Safe, relaxed, and removed from the chaos of the large city, it’s a great place to bring your kids for the day. This is where the locals from Bangkok bring their own families for the week-end.

Rent a Bike and Explore the Area

Biking is an extremely popular way to get around, both when you need to actually go somewhere, and when you just want to keep cycling and see where you end up at! There are plentiful places near the Bang Saen Beach where you can rent a bike or a tandem for the day.

Fishing off the Pier at Bang Saen Beach

Without the noise and nightlife of other beach resorts, Bang Saen Beach is a great spot to go fishing, especially in the evening and nighttime. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or you just want an excuse to savor the peace and quiet of a tropical evening, the experience is sure to bring out the inner poetry in you! There’s nothing like enjoying the gentle lapping of the waves and a night sky full of stars, with the moon reflected on the ocean! And you may be able to bring in a good sized catch for your brag photos!

Go Banana Boating!

Just in case you’re new to the area, we’d better explain. A “banana boat” is a raft-like flotation device shaped like a banana. Instead of sitting or balancing on it, you sit and balance across it, with your feet dangling on either side in the warm sea water. Banana boats are highly popular at all the beaches in the area, among both locals and guests.

Check Out the Institute of Marine Science Aquarium and Museum Near Bang Saen Beach

Do you want to see more than just what you can find during your own diving trips around Bang Saen? Why not pay a visit to the Institute of Marine Science Aquarium and Museum at Burapha University?

The Aquarium offers a huge collection of native fish in near-to-natural habitation and environment, complete with marine vegetation and breeding pools. The Marine Science Museum boasts an extensive laboratory connected to the university and is used in research on the marine life in the Gulf of Thailand. There’s also an education centre, both entertaining and instructive, which will fill you in on all the details of the magnificent marine biology you’re surrounded with in the nearby ocean. You’ll definitely be looking at the salt water in a whole new way after a fascinating tour of the institute.

The Annual Ko Pra Sai Wan Lai Festival in Bang Saen

Every April, the locals of Bang Saen celebrate the Thai New Year, Songkran, by throwing water at each other in fun merry-making chaos! Expect to get wet (keep your valuables in plastic bags while you’re on the streets) and enjoy the good cheer and wild gaiety! Although Songkran is celebrated throughout Thailand, each area brings its own flavour to the partying, Bang Saen’s Ko Pra Sai Wan Lai Festival being no exception.

Places to Visit in the Surrounding Bang Saen Area

  • The Shrine of Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk is small but highly worthwhile visiting. Located against a hillside, it was built in memory of the tragic death of two young lovers in the 18th The hill offers one of the best views possible of Bang Saen and the beach.
  • The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden displays a collection of large statues representing Thai deities and characters of Thai legend, literature, and poetry. It includes a section of statues showing people undergoing their just punishments in the next life for wrongdoing, and was built as a determent against immorality. For the visitor, it is a fascinating glimpse into Thai culture.
  • The Royal Residences in Bang Saen were the first ever vacation homes of the Thai royalty. They are now open to the public and included among the archeological sites listed by the Fine Arts Department.