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Songkran in Samut Prakarn (prapadaeng) and RCA.


Songkran in Samut Prakarn (prapadaeng) and RCA.

All over the world, while very many people choose to celebrate the New Year by attending parties, setting off fireworks and getting together with family and friends, Thais do things a bit differently. Imagine a wild water fighting festival that goes on for days and is actively participated by everyone, from children to teenagers and even older folks. Sounds pretty intriguing, doesn’t it? That’s Thailand for you.

In a nutshell, the annual Songkran festival that runs from 13th to 15th April is the famous Thai festival to mark a new year that sees tourists flooding into the country to be a part of it and locals traveling back home to be with their loved ones during this ostentatious occasion. You will find streets filled up with people with different gadgets that could be used to soak others with water, dancing in the streets and even covering one another with powder and clay for three days straight.  If you are planning to travel to Thailand, we would recommend timing your visit, and you will be sure to have the time of your life in an incredible experience like one you have never encountered.

It’s not all fun and games only during the festival, though. The Songkran festival is a period for the religious to reflect on the past year, worship the Buddha, cleanse themselves and their houses as they prepare for a blessed new year. You know, out with the old, in with the new. The pouring of water on each other is, according to tradition, a sign of respect and well wishing with the hopes of washing away any bad luck.


The festival is widely celebrated all over Thailand, right from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (the mecca of Songkran in Thailand).  Here is how Songkran is celebrated in Samut Prakarn and RCA.

Songkran in Samut Prakarn.

One famous tourist attraction in Central Thailand is the Samut Prakan Province.  The Songkran festival here runs from 13th to 15th April and is celebrated throughout the province.

It commonly features processions of Thai locals especially during early to mid-morning and plenty of merit making at the temples. The monks who are usually found outside the temples are usually showered with food and other items from the religious as a way of welcoming blessings in the New Year.

What is a Songkran festival without the water sprinkling? Samut Prakarn is no exception, and you will find people in streets armed with water guns, buckets, and water sprinklers ready to get down and dirty with the fun. Whether you are a first-timer or a local, you cannot afford to be left out of this fun.

To be prepared for this festival, just ensure that you are dressed appropriately in attire that you are not afraid of destroying with water. Be sure to also leave your valuable gadgets such as phones and passports safe in the house or under protective packaging. Tourists can also get to taste and experience traditional Thai food and paying for things using cowrie shells instead of actual money.

Songkran in Royal City Avenue.

If you are looking to get an experience on how the Thai locals party, then Royal City Avenue is the place to be.  RCA is notoriously known for its parties and late night water fights. Partying mostly starts in the afternoon to the evening from around 3 pm to 5 pm. You will find thousands of people either singing, dancing or attending local concerts with good music and DJs. And what is a party without good food? There is plenty of tasty Thai food going round at relatively affordable prices.

Many people might find celebrating Songkran in Royal City a welcome relief since the parties happen at night and you, therefore, avoid the scorching daytime heat which is even more merciless in April. For these parties, be sure to dress up in vivid neon theme colors and avoid wearing expensive clothes as they may get destroyed or soaked up in water and foam.

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