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Meaning of Zircon

Thailand has been the center for gemstones since it started mining for them hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, you can buy, sell, and trade precious stones of various values in the capital city of Bangkok. Many visitors from around the world come to check out the glorious jewels that are being traded in the giant gem hub.


Since the market in Thailand is only competitive locally, many people can find great deals on precious jewels that would be extremely costly in their own country. The most popular gems are rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds, but very few people know about Zircon.


Zircon is a unique stone based on its color variation and exquisite clarity. We’re going to highlight why zircon is one of the best stones you can buy and how you can find it in the golden city of Bangkok.


History of Zircon


When people hear the name “zircon” they automatically think of the synthetic diamond “cubic zirconia.” However, zircon is far from being a fake gem. In fact, zircon is more closely related to a diamond than any of the other gems. This is because its dispersion is high, just like a diamond’s. Dispersion is what gives a jewel the ability to refract light, or essentially the ability to give off lots of light creating a dazzling rainbow effect.


Zircon gemstones are mostly mined in Cambodia, close to Phnom Penh. They don’t get the amount of recognition they receive and most of the world doesn’t know much about zircon. Yet if you’re shopping for jewels in Thailand and you come across a zircon, you can easily assume it was mined in Cambodia.


The fact that zircons aren’t as popular but they’re equally as beautiful as a bejeweled diamond exemplifies how worthy of a buy they truly are. They are also one of the oldest stones since they’re found in the earth’s crust, over hundreds of meters below ground. If you choose to wear zircon, you will be wearing a tiny piece of the earth.


Meaning of Zircon


Since zircon comes from the crust of the earth, the precious stone is believed to keep one grounded. By wearing the stone, people will receive guidance which will help them reach their goals. Zircon is also associated with success and being the “stone of virtue.” For those who are looking to heal from toxic situations, the zircon stone will bring about positive healing energies.


Psychics also believe that zircon can help strengthen clairvoyant abilities and open the mind to seeing into the future. If you wish to harness your psychic strength, it is suggested to incorporate the zircon crystal into your daily meditation.


Choosing Your Zircon Crystal


The neat thing about zircon crystals are the fact that they come in all different shapes and colors. You can find a golden amber zircon crystal or even an aquamarine blue zircon. You can even find a zircon that’s colorless, making it almost look like a real diamond.


When choosing your new zircon crystal, make sure you get a hardness reading. Zircons are known to be fragile and they can easily chip if they’re not secured properly. This is one of the most important aspects to check when purchasing your sparkling zircon.


If you’re looking to use zircon for healing practices and not to wear as a dazzling gem, you can easily find them in precious stone shops around Bangkok. These stones will be much cheaper than the actual zircon crystals since they are extremely dark in color and look more like a mineral.


Shopping for Zircon in Bangkok


If you’re looking to buy a zircon crystal in Bangkok, one of the best malls to shop at is EmQuartier. EmQuartier features high-end luxury stores and they have several jewelry stores perfect for finding a sparkling zircon.


You can also shop for cheaper zircon jewelry at the Smitheries jewelry store in the Thong Lo district. Smitheries creates the handcrafted jewelry on site using a variety of precious stones found in Southeast Asia. Their jewelry isn’t cheap but it’s not as expensive as the high-end stores and it’s locally made.
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